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Short Synopsis
USA Today bestselling author Gina LaManna presents Book 2 of her Magic & Mixology Mystery series.

Full Synopsis
Lily Locke has barely had time to sink into her role as the Isle's newest Mixologist, when a series of events sends her world spiraling out of control. Her vampire cousin is overtaken by a serious bout of blood intolerance issues, and the key ingredient for the antidote is missing.

Meanwhile, Zin is training day and night under the watchful eye of Grandma Hettie to break into the elite, male-dominated world of the Ranger security force, but it's a constant uphill battle. Then, Ranger X turns Lily's world upside down when he breaks the longstanding rules of the island and throws both her heart and her head into a tailspin.

Hooded strangers, dangerous potions, and a budding romance threaten to ruin all that Lily's worked to achieve. Add in a stolen spellbook, and Lily's barely able to hold her head above water.

When a body turns up on the beach, Lily must catch the murderer before a true battle begins.

"Narration for this book is provided by Wendy Tremont King, and as with every title I’ve listened to that she’s narrated, each character is unique and distinct, easily distinguished from the others and even provides a touch of foreshadowing of intentions in the voice." ---I am, Indeed

"This book was fun; laugh out loud, scary and so exciting!! I could not put it down; sleep without a doubt got in the way while reading this one!" ---DayReader Reviews

Witchy Sour

Author Gina LaManna

Narrated by Wendy Tremont King

Publication date Feb 14, 2017

Running time 8 hrs 6 min

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