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Short Synopsis
A collection of hard-hitting and insightful alternate history and science fiction tales authored or co-authored by New York Times bestseller Eric Flint. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
New York Times bestseller, master-class alternate historian, and creator of the Ring of Fire saga Eric Flint delivers an explosion of tales filled with well-turned action, wit and wonder. First: a heart-wrenching saga of love, guts, and daring as a husband and wife, forced into an arranged marriage, fall in love for the first time while fighting their way toward one another in the midst of an alternate Roman war. Flint follows with stories set in David Weber's legendary Honorverse and Flint's own 1632 series. It's all topped with the gem of a tongue-in-cheek sword and sorcery novella (and Writer's of the Future grand prize winner) that first announced Eric Flint's arrival on the SF scene like a cannon-shot a dawn!

Contains mature themes.


Author Eric Flint

Narrated by Keith Sellon-Wright

Publication date Apr 28, 2020

Running time 24 hrs

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