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Short Synopsis
A tale of the selfless courage and humanity of a few men and women living dangerously for all the right reasons, Babylon’s Ark is an inspiring and uplifting true-life adventure of individuals on both sides working together for the sake of magnificent wildlife caught in a war zone.

Full Synopsis
When the Iraq war began, conservationist Lawrence Anthony could think of only one thing: the fate of the Baghdad Zoo, caught in the crossfire at the heart of the city. Once Anthony entered Iraq, he discovered that hostilities and uncontrolled looting had devastated the zoo and its animals.

Working with members of the zoo staff and a few compassionate U.S. soldiers, Anthony defended the zoo, bartered for food on war-torn streets, and scoured bombed palaces for desperately needed supplies. Babylon’s Ark chronicles Anthony's hair-raising efforts to save a pride of Saddam's lions, close a deplorable black-market zoo, run ostriches through shoot-to-kill checkpoints, and rescue the dictator's personal herd of Thoroughbred Arabian horses.

"Simon Vance's capable narration communicates the great degree of risk and uncertainty of Anthony's mission in a war zone where tensions were running high." ---AudioFile

"A wartime story with a joyful ending." ---Kirkus starred review

"Woven through the narrative is Anthony's obvious love of animals and his anger at what they suffer at the hands of humans, lending a poignancy and immediacy to the story." ---Nancy Bent, Booklist Starred Review

"[Anthony Lawrences'] goal is for his mission, so dramatically recounted with journalist Spence's help, to set an example of conservation and respect for animal life." ---Publishers Weekly

"Simon Vance's smooth reading brings life to an incredible story of animal conservation efforts under very difficult conditions." ---Library Journal Audio Review
Kirkus Review

Booklist Review

Babylon's Ark

The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo

Author Lawrence Anthony, Graham Spence

Narrated by Simon Vance

Publication date Jan 26, 2015

Running time 8 hrs 5 min

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